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18. Muslim shrines in Palestinian Authority

Maqam sheikh Sheiban
مقام الشيخ شيبان
קבר שייח' שיבאן

The maqam of sheikh Sheiban is marked on the PEF map (Sheet XVII). Until nowadays it has been an active Muslim shrine, as it is located on the territory of the Palestinian Authority, the people of al-Bireh visit it. Recenly some reconstruction works have been proceeded in the maqam: the inner rooms have been whitewashed, the dome — painted green and topped with a small spire with a crescent. At the entrance there appeared an Arabic inscription “Maqam Sheiban”, and also a traditional Shahada.

Photo of 2012

View from the north

View from the west

The domed room is 8.05 x 7.10 m. The dome has an octagonal base. In front of the mihrab there lies a big carpet for prayers. The sheikh's cenotaph is located in a little domed annex on the eastern side of the maqam. First, the cenotaph might be in the main building, in front of the mihrab.

A small Muslim cemetery borders with the maqam; there are a few recent burials.

The mihrab